Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014: page two hundred sixty-four

Anniversary Trip Day 2!

Up and at 'em bright and early to head to the Redwoods. Along the way, we stopped in Saratoga, which had a fun little Main Street, for some yummy (and healthy) breakfast.

The Redwoods were amazing! The trees were so tall and grand. We were able to drive through both Big Basin Redwoods State Park and Henry Cowell State Park.

Of course, we had to make sure to make it somewhere to watch the Broncos game by kick-off. Santa Cruz was the city and KC's Bar was the place. I'm not used to being the only Broncos' fans in a place. Unfortunately, the outcome wasn't what we wanted, but it ended up being a fun place to watch the game.

After the game, we walked down the wharf enjoying the sites and sounds. Turned out that a large amount of sea lions were hanging out, sleeping underneath the wharf.

Since it was getting dark, we drove south along the bay to our hotel in Seaside. This hotel was great because it reminded me of the hotels in movies where all the floors open up to the interior of the hotel and, you know, that's where fight scenes occur and then bodies get thrown over the rails to the floor below. Ha ha ha! Yes, I watch too many action/crime shows. Anyway, that makes it sound like a creepy place, but it was actually quite nice. Since I didn't take a pic, this is the best I could find online even though it only shows the main floor and the lower couple floors (it goes up 12 floors).

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