Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014: page two hundred sixty-four

Anniversary Trip Day 2!

Up and at 'em bright and early to head to the Redwoods. Along the way, we stopped in Saratoga, which had a fun little Main Street, for some yummy (and healthy) breakfast.

The Redwoods were amazing! The trees were so tall and grand. We were able to drive through both Big Basin Redwoods State Park and Henry Cowell State Park.

Of course, we had to make sure to make it somewhere to watch the Broncos game by kick-off. Santa Cruz was the city and KC's Bar was the place. I'm not used to being the only Broncos' fans in a place. Unfortunately, the outcome wasn't what we wanted, but it ended up being a fun place to watch the game.

After the game, we walked down the wharf enjoying the sites and sounds. Turned out that a large amount of sea lions were hanging out, sleeping underneath the wharf.

Since it was getting dark, we drove south along the bay to our hotel in Seaside. This hotel was great because it reminded me of the hotels in movies where all the floors open up to the interior of the hotel and, you know, that's where fight scenes occur and then bodies get thrown over the rails to the floor below. Ha ha ha! Yes, I watch too many action/crime shows. Anyway, that makes it sound like a creepy place, but it was actually quite nice. Since I didn't take a pic, this is the best I could find online even though it only shows the main floor and the lower couple floors (it goes up 12 floors).

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014: page two hundred sixty-three

Anniversary Trip!

Ryan and I headed to California early this morning for a quick getaway for our 5th anniversary! I cherish time away with my hubby, where it's just the two of us for a time! B stayed with my dad and mom and they had some fun of their own.

With Grandma and Jack at Jensen's soccer game.

We flew into San Jose and the original plan was to go to Great America, but after a long week we opted for something else. Stopping at Denny's for breakfast, we threw around a few ideas. We started heading towards Yosemite on a whim, however, we decided to drive up around the bay and stop at the Golden Gate Bridge. On our way to the GG Bridge, we came upon a fun little Farmers' Market at the Marin Country Mart. Oh man, how I wish we had a farmers' market like that around here, chock full of organic produce and other goodies.

Then on to the Golden Gate Bridge, Ryan's first visit and my second. It's such a grand site.

Driving across the bridge.

An "ussie" :)

After spending some time at the bridge, we started making our way down to our hotel in Santa Clara. Turns out it was right next to the new 49ers football stadium, which was pretty cool.

View of the 49ers stadium from our hotel room.

Finished off our day with some In n Out Burger and, of course, a quick stop at Walmart for bottled water and snacks for the rest of our trip.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014: page two hundred sixty-two


Finally, we made it to the zoo. B has been asking to go for months and we finally had time while we were in Salt Lake. She loved it! The first animals she wanted to see were the elephants, which ended up being her favorite animals. The bear was sleeping right by the glass and woke up while she was standing right there, which scared her to tears when he stood up. The lions were pretty active near the glass, which was cool and a bit scary for her, as well.

All in all, we had a wonderful day!

2014: page two hundred sixty-one

A morning date with my baby girl to Old Navy followed by lunch at Five Guys. That girl loves her burgers. :)

How fun that we were in town to watch one of Jensen's soccer games. Watching 4-5 year olds run around in herd chasing a ball is too funny. Ha! My brother makes a great coach, too!

Yeah, Ryan flew back to town this evening! Picking him up is so much more fun than dropping him off!

Stacey fixed a yummy roast for all of us for dinner after the soccer game.

B wanted to hold baby Jack, so Ryan helped her.

2014: page two hundred sixty

{More bullet points}
  • B woke up with a fever, so we stayed home. Thankfully, it was gone by around noon. 
  • Texas Roadhouse takeout for dinner. Yum! 
  • John, Stacey, Jensen and Jack came over again. :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014: page two hundred fifty-nine

More shopping, this time to JoAnn's. I guess that's what I do when we go to the city. :)

For dinner, John, Stacey, Jensen and Jack came over for some fun family time.

With baby Jack :)

2014: page two hundred fifty-eight

A morning spent with my momma and baby girl doing a little hanging out, shopping and eating. At our stop at Family Dollar we ran into cousin Joann and Vanessa, which was fun. B and Vanessa were wearing the same dress...too funny!

Then while B napped, Grandma watched her and I spent some time wandering around Target. :) I may have bought a thing or two.

No, I didn't buy any, but I wanted to. I just love overalls and was happy to see them in the store. :)

Then it was playtime outside and Jensen came over to play with B.

Fun with Grandpa

2014: page two hundred fifty-seven

{Since I'm so far behind, this will be another (and probably not last) bullet point day}
  • Church
  • B went with auntie Crystal after church, which worked out well so that Ryan and I could finish packing and load the truck
  • Picked B up from Crystal
  • Drove to Salt Lake
  • Took Ryan to the airport
  • Back to Dad and Mom's to stay for the week

Monday, September 29, 2014

2014: page two hundred fifty-six


My sweet hubby turned 39 today! (Yes, 39, for real...ha ha!) B had fun making a card, helping me put his presents in bags and giving them to him. :)

We celebrated with lunch at Marions and then had his family over for dinner.

2014: page two hundred fifty-five

After puking last night, I did feel better but still not great which means I didn't sleep very well and woke up still feeling a bit icky. :( Needless to say, we had a lazy, low key morning. Thankfully, Ryan came home for the day around 11:30, took B to lunch and then up to the mountains for the rest of the day, which meant rest and recoup time for me.

B brought me flowers from the mountains. :)